Automated Discovery

We automate infrastructure, service, and application discovery so we can build a source of truth for analysis, decision making and change.

Standardized Engineering

NSP uses an agile workflow that includes intelligent tools and governance to allow clients improve the reliability of change in their infrastructure.

Automated Change

NSP's standardized engineering workflow with an integrated distributed architecture allows for trusted configuration changes and acceleration towards automation and intent-based networking.

  • Automated Discovery
  • Device Virtualization & Testing
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Toolset & API Integrations
  • ITSM Integrations
  • Standardized Engineering
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Firewall Analysis
  • Workflow & Governance
  • Automated Change

Intelligent NetDevOps

We’ve built a system to transform network subject matter expertise into automated network intelligence. Through standard engineering workflows and the automated use of intelligent tools for gathering and validating data across the infrastructure, the NSP helps clients improve reliability and deliver higher levels of service.


Source of Truth

The platform consolidates and integrates multiple toolsets into a single source of truth, putting knowledge at your fingertips.


The NSP helps our clients standardize the engineering workflow using advanced tools built for and by network engineering professionals.

Intelligent Alerting

NSP's distributed intelligence allows it to aggregate engineering data and intelligently recommend solutions in real-time.


The system allows you to automate numerous steps throughout the infrastructure lifecycle: from discovery to the automated execution of change.
Current Features


Tools Modernization

Consolidate tools, reduce complexity, and operational cost to achieve business alignment.

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Runbook Automation

Consolidate tools, reduce complexity, and operational cost to achieve business alignment.

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Agentless network, system, application and services discovery.

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Application Dependency Mapping

Confidently maintain, retire or consolidate assets when you understand their current inter-dependencies and business impact.

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Infrastructure Mapping

Uncover Relationships Between Network, Compute, Storage, & Application Resources

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Application Visibility

The NSP fuses data between applications and infrastructure, establishing relationships and business context for identifying root cause and service impact.

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Standard Engineering

The NSP Engineering module virtualizes the engineering experience and adds governance to increase change accuracy


Reduce time to profit from new technologies and customers by automating the onboarding process.

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